slideshow_large Lawson has studied a tremendous number of martial arts styles in his time. During his training at the Fixer Academy in Vermont, he was schooled in the Service's own brand of fighting, a hybrid system culled from hundreds of years of field experience. Upon graduation, new Fixers are encouraged to continue their studies and at some point come back to the Academy to pass their knowledge on to new recruits.

Lawson currently studies authentic Ninjutsu, finding it a phenomenal system of combat that is particularly appropriate for his role as a Fixer. He has little patience, however, for the various posers and wannna-be's who tarnish the reputation of the schools with their idiocy and fixation on gaining high rank and supposed prestige. Lawson is of the opinion that such fools should have their asses handed to them and then be kicked out of the system. Lawson is currently ranked at a 5th degree black belt level in Ninjutsu.

Among the other styles he has studied, Lawson admires Penjak Silat, Krav Maga, Kali, Western Boxing, and various authentic styles of Japanese Jujutsu.

slideshow_large Lawson uses a variety of weapons in his day-to-day operations as a Fixer.

All firearms are specially modified by the local armorer to fire Fixer rounds (bullets with explosive tips that fragment lignum vitae wood) while still retaining the normal aspects of the gun. Lawson favors the following firearms:

In addition to firearms, Lawson has sometimes used a magnificent wooden Japanese bokken sword to kill his enemies. Hand crafted for him by one of the top swordsmiths in Japan as a favor after Lawson intervened on the swordsmith's behalf during a situation with the Yakuza, Lawson reveres the wooden blade and only uses it during his most trying assignments.

Forged as a companion piece to the bokken, the swordsmith also gifted Lawson with a brilliantly sharp tanto dagger. Created using the same ancient layering processes of folded steel, the tanto is every bit the equal of any katana blade and able to slice through most materials with ease.

Lawson has also been known to wield senban shuriken throwing stars on occasion. Following his exposure to them at the hands of the assassin Shiva in the 3rd Lawson Vampire novel, THE DESTRUCTOR, Lawson decided he should be equally well-versed in their use.

slideshow_large During his many operations, Lawson has had access to a number of vehicles - most of which have been blown up, filled with bullet holes, or otherwise destroyed. Since he's gone through so many cars, Lawson tries not to get too attached to any of them. Among his many rides, Lawson has enjoyed driving the following:

Jetta by Volswagen

S60 by Volvo

S-550 by Mercedes

slideshow_large Lawson's first exposure to combat happened during his apprenticeship with Zero, his mentor for many years. The critical moment occurred when Lawson was tasked with infiltrating a Romanian intelligence safe house to rescue a vampire believed to be working with the American spy services.

Since then, Lawson has been in combat more times than he can even remember. He's not nonchalant about it, knowing that complacency might get him killed - but given his vast experience, violence is now just part of the job.

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